EOC Subcommittees

The Education Oversight Committee is composed of three subcommittees, EIA and Improvement Mechanisms, Academic Standards and Assessments, and Pubic Awareness.  Each individual subcommittee oversees certain matters of public education and may study and solicit public comments and develop recommendations for consideration by the full committee.  These recommendations are typically submitted in the forms of reports and publications.

The EIA and Improvement Mechanisms Subcommittee oversees matters relating to assistance and improvement mechanisms for all schools, including low performing schools and related topics; and monitors activities associated with EIA responsibility of the full committee.

The Academic Standards and Assessments Subcommittee oversees matters relating to standards, assessments, reporting and accountability, including report cards, grading and accountability plans.

The Public Awareness Subcommittee is charged with directing EOC initiatives that “apprise the public of the status of public schools and the importance of high standards for academic performance for public school students.”